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Is coffee good or bad for you? Let’s consider it according to Ayurveda…

Coffee is known to promote energy, stimulate digestion, and raise blood pressure. These characteristics may benefit certain dosha (constitution), but should be consumed in moderation by others.

Ayurveda teaches that all plants serve a purpose. Coffee is best viewed as a medicine. Just as with any medication, it is important to monitor its effects and adjust consumption accordingly.

Individual with strong Vata dosha (constitution) has quick thought, and tends to be colder (body temperature) with airy, and gas-producing digestion. It’s best for Vata type not to consume coffee. Coffee may deplete Vata; ginger tea is an option to help “heat” the digestive fire and stimulate the gut. Drinking coffee may lead to poor focus or difficulty sleeping at night.

So, if you have symptoms of excess Vata, such as dehydration, dry hair, dry skin, constipation, insomnia, forgetfulness, restlessness, or if you feel scattered, coffee will make these symptoms worse.

Avoid coffee if you have signs of a Pitta imbalance, such as indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, or skin rashes, or if you’re often agitated, irritated, hypercritical, judgmental, or angry.

Pitta dosha (constitution) types tend to be hot and competitive, with quick thoughts and responses. For them, as with Vata types, coffee should also be avoided. Coffee for Pitta dosha types may manifest as overproduction of acid and temper.

Perhaps just one cup during breakfast. Pitta types could sweeten their coffee with a high-quality maple syrup or organic cane sugar, but skip the cream, to counteract the beverage’s acidic qualities (assuming they are not experiencing the Pitta imbalances listed above). Drink 0–1 cup daily.

Coffee can balance out those who have a lot of Kapha in their constitution. Signs of excess Kapha include water retention, weight gain, sinus congestion, a lack of motivation, and a general feeling of being foggy-headed. If you fit the bill, drink one cup daily. Coffee’s hot, dry, stimulating qualities will counterbalance your dominant dosha’s heavy, wet, sluggish qualities.

For Kapha dosha types, take your coffee black. Milk or cream can increase congestion and sweeteners can cause weight gain. Drink 1 cup daily, but not more.

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