SAY “NO” TO BOTOX! August 6, 2022 – Posted in: Beauty – Tags:

Recently, I started to get more walk-in customers, whom I had never met before. They usually came in and browsed around my skincare shelves.


From our small chats, I found some common traits in these customers. They used to go for regular facial but since covid, they stopped going for facial. They said that they still had skincare products bought before covid but not yet finished using. What shocked me the most was that a number of them planned to go for botox or had already made an appointment for botox.


Just by looking at their forehead (can’t see the rest of face due to mandatory indoor mask wearing), I could see signs of neglect, such as like dry skin and wrinkles. For such neglect, I would recommend a regular facial and a proper skincare routine, which will help to erase all signs of ageing due to neglect. Hence, I do not recommend to jump straight into botox without trying out other options.


When injected, botox stops the overuse of your muscle, by temporarily weakening its ability to contract. As a result, the skin over your muscle smooths, giving you that flawless, wrinkle-free look. You will be just like those patients with partial facial paralysis, who often have smoother, less-wrinkled skin at the places where they’re paralyzed.


Botox is a shorten form of Botulinum Toxin. Botulinum toxins are the most potent toxins known and can cause the disease botulism. Though it’s rare that botox will cause botulism, it is a toxin nevertheless. A study in 2016 suggested that the toxin may be able to move about the body, rather than staying where it was injected.


Although botox is considered vegan, it is not free from animal testing. Moreover, there is also gradual muscle atrophy (wasting or thinning of muscle mass) with prolonged usage.


If preventing wrinkles is your goal, simple steps like using sun protection, staying hydrated, and moisturizing can go a long way. Try Esse Intensity Serum, which is your answer to quick wrinkle reduction without botox. The key ingredient is Mafane extract from the island of Reunion. This extract contains spilanthol that has the effect of relaxing muscle in a similar way to Botox. This extract showed a strong wrinkle reduction effect in 75% of subjects tested.


There are various facial massaging tools like gua sha, roller and facial cups, which can help your skincare products to be absorbed better, giving you a wrinkle-free skin. I also recommend you to try our facial acupressure massage to relax muscles and relieve tension.