7 EFFECTIVE WAYS HOW YOU CAN PREVENT MASKNE October 18, 2021 – Posted in: Beauty – Tags: ,

With the wearing of mask, a new skin issue is popping up: “maskne.” The name is pretty self-explanatory: acne caused by wearing a mask.

If you have maskne or skin irritation, you are not alone. Maskne is preventable and treatable. Below are some effective measures that you can take to prevent or treat it to get your clear skin back.


1. Wash Your Face

Practise basic skin-care habits, such as washing your face morning and night with a gentle non-foaming cleanser. Use a make-up remover to remove sunscreen and make-up thoroughly.


2. Wear A Moisturiser

Apply a light-weight moisturiser on your skin in the day. If your skin tends to be dry, a mask may cause irritation. Applying a noncomedogenic moisturizer can help hydrate your skin.


3. Avoid Heavy Make-Up

If you are wearing the mask for a long period of time, avoid applying heavy makeup inside the mask area.

Wearing heavy makeup under your mask can worsen the occlusion of your pores which can lead to more breakouts.


4. Wash Your Mask

Wash your mask after each use. Washing helps to remove oils and skin cells that collect inside the mask, which could lead to a skin problem. We recommend to use a lingerie wash, which is a super-concentrated but highly gentle laundry detergent that removes oils and moisture to clean the mask, without irritating your skin.

If you are wearing disposable masks, replace them as frequently as you can.

When possible, keep your mask off your face to give yourself a break. For example: If you’re in your car or home by yourself or with members of your household, you do not have to wear a mask.


5. Use a Clay Mask

In the evening once or twice a week, consider applying a clay mask if your complexion tends to be oilier or irritation-prone. Clay masks purify skin and help absorb oil.

Check out our best-selling clay masks from Living Nature and Esse Skincare.


6. Don’t Pick at the Zits

Don’t pick at, scratch or squeeze the acne lesions as this can worsen the inflammation and lead to scarring.

We recommend this nature’s first aid – Living Nature’s Manuka Honey Gel for your skin as soon as you spot a pimple or any signs of skin irritation, or you can visit us to try our acne facial to help reduce inflammation and help your acne heal faster.


7. Get Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble hormone that’s found in fatty fish, dairy, and fortified food products. Vitamin D is also called “the sunshine vitamin” because you can get most of your vitamin D from exposure to sunshine.

More researchers are now establishing a firmer link between vitamin D levels and acne, which means that if you have acne, a vitamin D deficiency may be part of what’s causing symptoms or making them worse.

So, for our acne treatment, we introduce topical application of vitamin D3 to the skin. It has been found to be an efficient way to get vitamin D levels up with fewer side effects than oral supplements.

We also recommend daily sun exposure of about 15 min with bare arms and legs to maximise your production of vitamin D.