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For most of us, our adolescent years are filled with memories of pimples and oily skin. We’re taught that oil is the enemy. We need to keep it in check with harsh astringents and scrubs, purge all oil-like products from our vanity. So, when facial oils became the skincare trend du jour, it went against everything we knew and believed. But, here’s the thing, the “evils of oil,” turns out, are complete mythology.

Top dermatologists and skin-care brands say oil-based products are important staples in a complete skin-care routine. “Oil as we know it isn’t the same as it used to be,” says Dr. Jeannette Graf, renowned New York dermatologist and assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. “Advances in the ability to refine oil have led to cosmetic-grade oils that are the consistency of water,” she says. “They used to be thick and clogging, like mineral oil, but now they’re very emollient and don’t leave any residue on the skin.” *1

But, don’t oils still cause breakouts? How effective are they against anti-aging? And, are they meant for oily skin types? Read on to dispel myth from fact and get the truth about facial oils. That old enemy may become your new-found best friend.

Myth: Oils cause breakouts

Fear of oils is widespread. People think that oils make them fat and spotty. They think that facial oils or any potion with oil in it will make them break out. Stripping oils away is thought to prevent clogged pores, breakouts, and shiny zones.

Truth: Healthy fats and oils prevent skin damage and breakouts

Do you know that oily skin can benefit greatly from facial oil too!

Nuts, seeds, and olives provide oils that can actually help us to lose weight and keep it off — these good oils are called Omega Fatty Acids. The same apparent paradox goes for our skin. Skin needs its natural oils to keep lubricated and protected). If we strip the oil away, the skin will produce more oil to compensate. The resulting imbalances cause breakouts. Encouraging a healthy oil environment can help to repair damage and give your skin the moisturizing and hydrating support it needs.

Skin varies throughout the day. Even if you wake up with oily skin, you may find your face dry and feeling chaffed by the afternoon. Not only do facial oils regulate your sebum production during your oily times, they also soothe inflammation during your drier hours.

Myth: If you use a moisturiser, you do not need a facial oil

You may be diligent about moisturising morning and night, but you start to feel dry when inside an air-con room or when the wind blows. This is when you need to start using your moisturiser in conjunction with a facial oil, which will allow your products to do their jobs better.

Truth: Facial oil when used together with moisturiser can combat dryness better

“Well-purified natural oils served as humectants,” says Dr Harold Lancer, board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills, meaning “they reduce water from evaporating from your skin [including water-based beauty products] and help to hydrate dry, cracked skin.” *1

You may apply oil either before or after your moisturiser. You want to put the product with the most active ingredients on first, so it all depends on what products you use. You can also mix two or three drops of oil directly into your moisturiser on your palm, and apply on your face.

Myth: Oils are not efficient at anti-ageing

Even if you accept that oils can be nice and perhaps beneficial, it is tempting to see them as a poor relation to creams, which are crammed with antioxidant extracts, powerful peptides and other anti-ageing ingredients.

Truth: Facial oils are chemical-free antioxidant powerhouses

Let’s start with some fundamentals. The best thing about facial oils is that they are not water-based. Water-based formulations (which means most creams and serums) require synthetic preservatives, stabilizers, absorbency enhancers and things that make a cream a cream. Oils don’t need any of these, so what you will get is pure unadulterated botanical oils to which additional actives can be added to provide an abundance of nutrients, omega fatty acids, antioxidants or free radical scavengers.

The whole premise behind wrinkles is that dry, dehydrated skin will crinkle up and lines show up faster and deep, as compared to hydrated skin, which will stay plump and taut. Oils can, of course, stop dryness in its tracks and help to lock in the moisture.

What’s more, oils can be true multitaskers that can be used all over the face, eyes, body and even hair and nails. Here are some examples of the different and creative approaches that good formulators can take to facial oil making:


The Omega Fatty Acid Facial Oil

Esse Repair Oil is a nourishing oil with an ideal blend of omega fatty acids found in Flax, Marula and Rosehip oils. Perfect for treating scars, stretch marks, healing breakouts and pimple marks. Also great for any cuts and scars and dry areas. Packed with anti-oxidants, it is also highly effective in preparing and healing the skin from exposure to environmental stress. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

“I had a car accident where the airbag scared half my face big time, after a week of using Esse my scaring went down by 75%. Incredibly impressed with this product and if ever I need scaring to be sorted, I would come back to this one. Beautiful scent to it as well.” – Kirsten, Jan 2018

“My favorite product! This is my second Esse product. Being a long time Argan oil user I cannot describe you how amazing this repair oil is. Firstly, after few days of applying it every night sun marks/spots have disappeared from my face. I had other small impurities which were gone too. It is a very gentle no greasy oil, skin absorbs very well and has a nice scent.” – Sultan Uzun, Mar 2017


The Multitasking Facial Oil

Samaya Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil contains a concentrated blend of Ayurvedic botanicals and clinically proven active anti-ageing ingredients, this powerful treatment oil comprehensively targets the signs of skin-ageing, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. High-performance Ayurvedic infusions are harnessed in a quick-absorbing formula, resulting in skin that appears youthful and radiant, whilst its calming aroma imparts a deep sense of tranquillity.

There is an oil for each dosha, according to Ayurvedic principles. Dosha is the name given to the energies that govern every individual. There are primarily three types of dosha: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each type corresponds to a set of physical and emotional traits.

When our particular dosha is balanced, our mind, body and soul are in perfect harmony, which is revealed through radiant, healthy skin. Yet when our dosha is imbalanced, we notice the ill-effects, including on our skin.

Being aware of our dosha type means we can make choices to help balance these energies to achieve wellness, peace and calm, all of which contribute to younger-looking, stress-free, beautiful skin.

If you are a Vata, you should use Samaya Vata Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil. If you are a Pitta, you should use Samaya Pitta Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil. If you are a Kapha, you should use Samaya Kapha Anti-Ageing Treatment Oil.

“Finally a beauty range which is amazing and natural. I tried the Vata cream and oil.. I have extremely dry skin and sensitive eyes… So far all the products that I have tried even from the most popular exclusive brands have led to reactions like puffy eyes or spots.. Hence I have steered clear of all the beauty products until I discovered SAMAYA. I mixed the oil and cream to help with dry skin and most importantly no reaction….” – Namita Bhargava, Sep 2016

“I have been using Samaya products for a year now. My skin is extremely sensitive and I also suffer with rosacea. The difference in my skin is remarkable – it is brighter, clearer and more hydrated. I would highly recommend this range to anyone.” -Michele Scott, Sep 2017


The Cell Regeneration Night Oil

Living Nature Radiance Night Oil contains Rose Oil to naturally stimulate your skin’s own collagen production, Organic Rosehip Oil to aid cell regeneration and repair damaged skin tissue, Organic Calendula to soothe and calm and Organic Jojoba Oil to nourish. Radiance Night Oil is 96% organic – your natural anti-ageing gem and our beauty sleep secret.

Each evening smooth a few drops over your face and neck, after cleansing and hydrating, especially on areas of concern. Add a few drops to Nourishing Night Cream, Balancing Night Gel, or any moisturiser for a rejuvenating boost. A few drops with Nourishing Hand Cream gives an overnight hand treatment.

“I love Radiance oil the most after putting it on overnight and seeing how my skin looks smoother and clearer in the mornings. When I use the oil regularly people always comment on my skin. Just love it.” – Angie Mathers, Aug 2016

“I’ve never used an oil on my skin as I tend to break out and have combination skin. However since using this- a few drops every night I haven’t had any breakouts for the past two months. My skin looks clearer and feels soft and smooth, totally delighted, this is going to be an essential for my skin from now on.” – Leanne Doake, Jul 2016



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