5 Reasons Why You Should Sleep on A Silk Pillowcase September 6, 2017 – Posted in: Beauty, Lifestyle – Tags: , , ,

Sleeping on 100% mulberry silk isn’t only luxurious, it can also help you sleep better and look better too! Read on to find out how sleeping on a luscious silk pillowcase can help you have a more restful, rejuvenating beauty sleep.

1. Silk prevents you from over-heating or cooling

Silk is one of the most breathable fabrics, meaning silk pillowcases can help regulate your temperature. On hot nights, your face is burning and you’re struggling to sleep. With a cotton pillow, you have to flip your pillow to find the cool side. Fortunately, with silk, your skin can stay cool, as silk is light and breezy, 

Similarly, on cold nights, silk’s ability to regulate your temperature ensures it never has that ‘cold to touch’ feeling, to help you stay snuggly warm in winter.

2. Silk doesn’t pull on your skin

Have you ever woken up with lines from your pillow on your face? These lines are signs your pillowcase has been creating little micro tears within your skin. Not only does this lead to ageing, but it also can create tiny spots of inflammation which turns part of your body onto high alert. Say “Yes” to silk because it doesn’t pull on your skin, leading to a more restful sleep and wrinkle-free mornings.

3. Silk keeps your skin hydrated

For someone who suffers from dry skin, what you will immediately notice after a night of sleeping with silk pillow case is the way your skin will feel. You will be amazed that you get that baby’s bottom smooth skin. It is because silk is much better at keeping in moisture than cotton.

4. Silk is hypoallergenic

Silk is naturally resistant to allergens like mould, dust mites and fungus. This means your immune system isn’t challenged during sleep, leading to a more restful, deep sleep

Many also notice that they are getting less pimples after about a week of sleeping on silk pillowcases. This might be because silk doesn’t pick up as much pore-clogging bacteria as cotton does.

5. Silk helps you keep your hair style 

Cotton is known to make your hair staticky and cause kinks and knots as well. Silk is known to cause less breakage of hair and less split ends, because it is naturally a smoother surface. So, you will wake up with no hair breakage and your hair style, whether curling iron beach waves or a bouncy blowout can last as many days as possible.  

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