5 AMAZING USES OF ESSE PROBIOTIC SERUM August 2, 2017 – Posted in: Beauty

In 2015, ESSE PROBIOTIC SKINCARE created the World’s First Live Probiotic Serum and this product represents the pinnacle of its BIOME+ technology. The Probiotic Serum contains 3 species of Lactobacillus microbes with a combined count of more than 1 billion cfu per ml. These species have been chosen for their effect on skin and for their ability to work together synergistically.

When the ESSE Probiotic Serum touches your face, the live probiotics are activated by the moisture on your skin, and they start to multiply. Once active, they equip the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen barrier function for a firmer, fuller, more resilient skin.



The Probiotic Serum slows ageing by improving moisture retention and reducing the rate of elastin and collagen degradation. The overall condition of the skin is improved in the following ways:-

Protection – One of the primary functions of your skin’s microbiome is to protect you from pathogenic microbes. If your microbial populations are low, there will be space and food available for invading microbes. It aims to increase synergistic microbial populations to the point that there are no available niches for invaders. This prevents activation of your skin’s immune system and reduces the basic load on the skin.

Hydration – Lactic acid is produced by your body as a way to keep the pH of the skin in balance and also to retain moisture on the surface of skin. Recently it was discovered that the majority of the Lactic acid on skin is actually produced by microbes. Lactobacillus species are particularly efficient at producing Lactic acid – hence their name.

Barrier Function – T-junctions were only discovered in 2008 but this mode of cell binding is critical to skin health. T-junctions are modulated by microbes and it is possible to radically improve barrier function by using probiotic microbes.

Communication – a large part of the function of the probiotic microbes in this serum is centred on the cellular communication with your skin cells. Lactobacillus cells can adhere to your skin cells (at specific binding sites) and cause chemical messages to flow from those cells that regulate the immune response from nearby cells. This reduces sub-clinical inflammation and slows ageing.

Is it too much boring technical explanation for you? But do not stop reading! Continue to read on to discover what I have personally experienced about some of the amazing uses of ESSE Probiotic Serum.




The Probiotic Serum is suitable for all skin types and through its highly evolved action of creating biological equilibrium, it is exceptionally effective for skin showing any form of stress.

Independent testing has proven that the Probiotic Serum on its own improve skin elasticity by 8.6% in 28 days. It has also been shown to increase skin firmness by 16.1% in 28 days with positive results being shown in 100% of test subjects. It also provides hydration to your skin and hydrated skin means less wrinkles.

When combined with the prebiotics and low pH of the ESSE moisturisers, such as Esse Plus Restorative Moisturiser, Esse Plus Defense Moisturiser, you can see the real power of live probiotics in defying skin aging!



The Probiotic Serum has found application in the treatment of several skin conditions. Two (acne and eczema) are particularly worth mentioning, because I have seen the improvement on myself and that of my customers.

I have found exceptional results on acne – particularly adult acne – when this serum is combined with a sensible skincare routine that minimizes sensitization, keeps pH low and doesn’t strip natural oils.

I always recommend my customers to start off with the ESSE Sensitive range. Positive results can be seen within 1 to 2 days of using this range.

Whenever I get breakout, I alternate between using the Sensitive Serum and Probiotic Serum, and on some nights, I even apply both at the same time. I also cut down on sugar, dairy and food containing gluten. I found that taking good care of both skin and gut gives better long-term results.



The underlying cause of the majority of eczema cases is the dominance of Staphylococcus aureus on the skin. This microbe is opportunistic and causes a breakdown of barrier function by docking onto skin cells (keratinocytes) and radically shortening their lifespan.

The Probiotic Serum contains billions of live Lactobacillus microbes that compete for the docking sites on skin cells. Once a Lactobacillus has docked, the site is not available to Staphylococcus and the cell is proportionally healthier. Over time, eczema improves substantially – particularly when aided by a ESSE moisturiser high in prebiotics, such as ESSE Nourish Moisturiser.

The below photo shows improvement just after 1 week of using the Probiotic Serum. It’s so amazing because you can see for yourself that it’s the healing power of nature at work, reshaping the skin microbiome to reset the imbalances.

Esse Probiotic Serum_BeforeAfter



We need to stop any itchiness as soon as it occurs so as to prevent uncontrollable scratching, especially in the case of children. Scratching of the skin will result in bleeding, skin infection and ugly scarring of the skin.

I use the Probiotic Serum in my family for all kinds of itchiness due to eczema, acne, scar and even mosquito bites. My daughter now insists on applying probiotic serum whenever she gets an itchy mosquito bite.

When my childhood friend and her family came from USA to Singapore for holiday, her two young children became easy target for our mosquitoes here. They came to my shop, and could not stop scratching the bite wounds on their legs and hands. I applied the Probiotic Serum on them, and the itch soon stopped. That was how I became their favourite “aunty” for the day!

Some people say that it is an expensive remedy for itchiness. But I feel it is worth the money because it is so effective that you only need to use it once and all your family members and friends will surely love you for it!



My daughter suffered a burnt on her feet in October last year, and was given an antibiotic cream by the doctor. The wound was healing slowly. But the skin surrounding her wound was getting worse. As you can see from the 2nd photo, her wound was starting to dry up but the skin surrounding her wound and nearby skin also became very dry and looked aged. She also complained of itchiness and attempted to scratch it, despite my stern warning.

I applied the Probiotic Serum all over her wound and the nearby skin. Amazingly, the itch immediately went away. I continued to apply the Probiotic Serum for a few more days, and I could see her skin becoming healthier and soon the dryness was all gone. After her wound had completely healed, I started to treat her scar with ESSE Repair Oil with amazing results too (I will share more about it in my future blog. So, keep a look out for it!).



Existing practice of treating burnt skin with antibiotic causes negative side effects. So, I am looking forward to the day when doctor treats burnt skin with probiotic, instead of antibiotic.

As you may now realise that this Probiotic Serum is not just an ordinary skincare serum, but a must-have natural remedy serum for everybody. Use it on face and anywhere on the body. Try it today and see how it improves your skin health!


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