The Probiotic Tea (Teabiotic) That Restores Your Gut Health and Beauty July 1, 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle

The microbiome – the collective name for the trillions of bacteria that live in our gut, skin and everywhere inside our body – is today’s hottest medical topic. Our modern lifestyle and diet are depriving our microbiome of the good bacteria (probiotics) while encouraging the growth of bad ones. The resulting unbalance can manifest in serious health problems such as chronic inflammation, allergies, eczema, breakouts, autoimmune diseases, hypothyroid, fatigue, diabetes and even arthritis.

In many ways, our gut, is like our second brain, as it has as much control over our bodies as our minds. To ensure a healthy gut, we know we have to consume sufficient fibre, do regular exercise and eat microbiome-friendly foods, which contains good bacteria (probiotics). But sometimes we also need extra nourishment.

A Singapore-based company, We Are Cultured, is providing that additional nourishment in the form of probiotic-infused tea, also known as Teabiotic. Each serving of Teabiotic is crafted to contain 2.5 billon live cultures Bacillus Coagulans GBI–30, 6086 (Ganaden BC30), which is a patented strain of probiotics to support a healthy gut. It is a very robust strain, resilent to extreme pressures and temperatures, and is able to sail through the digestive system and enter the gut, where they proliferate and magic happens, yet not overpowering so you can consume up to 4 servings a day in your own creative ways.

Teabiotic offers flavoured blends such as ginger and matcha. Since it’s derived from freeze-dried ingredients, the blends retain close to 90 per cent of its nutritional value. The ginger blend is fused with organic yacon root that acts as a natural prebiotic, which are real food to feed the probiotics, so that your good bacteria stay healthy. The matcha blend is made from premium ceremonial Kyoto matcha, which is 137 times more than the antioxidants of conventional green tea.

Thanks to its dry form, Teabiotic is absent of any fermented aftertaste and is easy to take with you on the go. Besides drinking it, you can also eat it in many ways: sprinkle it onto drinks, salads, and even bake it into cakes and cookies. When an extra hint of sweetness is needed, just add in the low GI (glycaemic index), organic coconut sugar, which can be found in separate single serve packets inside the box.

Who should drink Teabiotic? It is great for the

– convenient, on-the-go single serve sachets.
– limitless ways to consume.
– no refrigeration required.
– better than the average coffee runs.

– Matcha as a sustainable caffeine source.
– great in protein shakes for a boost.
– clean ingredients. perfect for any diet.

– achieve an inside out glow.
– detox and keep weight in check.
– dedicated to educating women on the gut – skin axis.

– sneak it into your parents’ diets. they’ll never know.
– perfect as gifts with tea set displays.

– it’s a beautiful thought, and its health effects will benefit both parties

“A robust inner self is the cornerstone of overall beauty”