An Organic Beauty Plan for Workout So That You Don’t Breakout May 31, 2017 – Posted in: Beauty, Lifestyle

Exercise is good for our body and mind but it can easily cause breakouts and dehydrated skin. I enjoy running, jogging, cycling, swimming and playing golf. But these activities used to always wreak havoc to my skin, causing those pimples on my forehead and on my back, and dehydrated skin on my face, arm and legs. Do you have the same problem too?

Fortunately, I discovered that a proper pre- and post-workout skincare routine, using only the best natural and organic skincare products can help my skin stay healthy, beautiful and glowing. Just follow my simple 5-step workout organic beauty plan.

1. Cleanse, Moisturise, Protect Before Workout
Before I start my workout, I cleanse my skin, face and body, so that the sweat that builds up during workout is “clean”. Never use anti-bacterial shower gel or face cleanser, as they not only kill bad bacteria but also kill those beneficial microbes that are essential to our skin health. I always do a double cleanse using Esse Organic Cream Cleanser, followed by Esse Organic Gel Cleanser.

After that, I apply my favourite Esse Organic Light Moisturiser on face and Esse Organic Light Body Moisturiser all over my body. These moisturiser products contain probiotics and prebiotics, which will make sure that my beneficial microbes can out-compete those havoc wreaking species, especially those that cause breakouts and bad body odour.

When exercising outdoors, we are exposed to Mother Nature’s worst enemy: pollution. So, stay protected with a sunscreen that shields you from pollution and harmful UV rays. I found that heavy formula plus sweat make the perfect equation for a bad breakout. So, I like to apply a lightweight SPF 30, such as Suntegrity Natural Mineral Sunscreen 5oz, to avoid clogging my pores. When playing golf, I wear long-sleeve shirt and pants but I still reapply the sunscreen after finishing the first 9 holes. As for swimming, I recommend to use Coola Classic Sport SPF 50 or Coola Baby Mineral SPF 50 as they are water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

2. Keep Hair and Hands off Face
I always make sure that my hair is gathered back securely and not sticking on my face or stabbing me in the eye. If you use a sweatband, push it way back so that it does not touch your forehead.

I wore the same golf cap throughout my golf game, and you know what, the top of my forehead suffered a breakout after each game. So, if you are wearing a cap, change to a clean and dry one before it gets fully soaked up with sweat.

Never use your hands to wipe off sweat from your face or body. Always bring along a clean and dry towel, and pat (no rubbing, please) dry the sweat on face and neck.

3. Stay hydrated at all times During and After Workout
Bring along a face mist to freshen up on the go and keep your face hydrated. Honestly, I always skip this step as I find it a hassle and maybe because I am lazy. But my not-so-lazy customers swear by Centella Hungary’s Royal Water Lotion, to keep their skin hydrated even when out in the hot sun the whole day.

Drink lots of water after your workout to help your skin recover faster.

4. Cleanse, Moisturize After Workout
Wash your face and body after exercising with a gentle cleanser to avoid any irritation. For face, I like to do a deep cleansing with Esse Organic Refining Cleanser. For body, I like to use Living Nature Nourishing Body Wash. After cleansing, always apply moisturiser.

5. Skin Treatment is a Must
If you often do workout, treat your face and body to Esse Organic Cocoa Exfoliator or Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant 2-3 times a week to keep your skin free of impurity. To treat dehydrated skin or sun spots, apply Esse Organic Cream Mask whenever needed.

As for my tired legs, I relieve and refresh them with Centella for Legs because its precious ingredients not only can firm the legs but also can help with blood circulation and improving vein health. Just spray on and massage with upward gentle circular motions.

I was not keen on using oil on my body until I tried Esse Organic Body Oil. All thumbs up as this treatment is really a nourishing real food for the skin. I apply it to the ends of my hair (a must after swimming), and on those rough patches on my hands (after cycling and golf) and feet. The oil is easily absorbed and my fizzy hair is more tame and my rough skin soften.

Let’s follow these simple 5-step organic beauty plan, in order to sweat with no worries while enjoying a healthy body from inside out. I am going for a run this evening. When is your next workout session?


About the Author

June Lin Jun Yin is the founder of Juneberries Haven. With over 15 years of working experience in Japanese MNCs, and as the only female head of department leading a team of 30 engineers, she has built up her leadership, negotiation and marketing skills. As a leader, she groomed several male engineers, helping them to advance in their career. Now as a business owner, she wants to help women to become more confident with themselves.

This blog was written to share her own experiences, as well as that of others to help solve some of the problems, which her audience (both men and women) maybe facing. It also serves as a channel for June to rekindle her love for writing.