How to Regain Confidence After Giving Birth? August 4, 2016 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Parenting

People said that from the moment you give birth, you have begun a new and exciting chapter of your life. Well, the reality is that you are always full of tiredness, helplessness and no more the confident career woman you once were. But your baby needs a confident mummy, right?

So, how can you regain confidence after giving birth?

During my pregnancy, I saw my body changing into a beautiful form and honestly, I kind of felt sexy about it. But after birth, things started to change. No matter how many books I have read or how many courses I have attended about pregnancy and motherhood, I felt that at that time, I was never really prepared for the selfless love that I could have for my baby. I was also never really prepared for the various changes that my body and emotion were going to go through then, nor the changes in the people around me.

When my baby was born, the people around me were always ready to help, and they were always with my baby. Being very emotionally attached to my baby, I felt that they were snatching my baby away from me, and doing all the tasks, which I, as a mother, was supposed to do. I felt very jealous, lonely and useless. You see, I was starting to lose confidence as a mother then, but I managed to regain my confidence soon after that.

Here’s how I did it…


During breastfeeding, I could feel my baby’s love for me and her total reliance on me. I felt useful and accomplished – providing nutrients to my baby, helping my family to save money on powdered milk, and contributing to sustainable development.

Breastfeed your baby exclusively for at least 6 months (recommendation by The World Health Organization). Breastfeeding is not only beneficial for your baby but also helps to create everlasting bond with your baby. Feed on demand and within weeks, you will see your uterus shrink and your belly flatten. Trust me, your belly will go back to the pre-pregnancy size in no time, but your boobs will still remain at least 2 cup sizes up and keep you feeling motherly and yet sexy.

I started using natural & organic skincare even before my pregnancy. With a baby, I was even more careful. I always read the ingredients to make sure that they do not contain harmful chemicals before buying.

If you have unsightly stretch marks, treat them to an effective natural & organic skincare such as Made4Baby Belly Oil, which helps to eliminate all traces of the marks. If you prefer a gel form, Hydraflore Firming Serum not only helps to fight against stretch marks, but also very effective for firming and toning all over – your body, neck, and face. Rejuvenate your skin and restore it to a much better condition!


Choose the food you eat for its nutritious value. Fret not, it won’t affect the quantity or quality of your breastmilk. Avoid unneeded sugars. Choose brown rice instead of white rice. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and drink plenty of fluids.


It not only helps you to lose weight but it is also a chance for you to get outside. Exercise can relax you, improve your fitness, and make you feel better and more energetic. Take regular moderate exercise, such as a brisk walk for 30 minutes every other day. Attend postnatal classes. Just take note that you’ll need to take special care of your back and avoid exercises that could damage it.


My mum kept telling me to nap whenever my baby napped. Yes, I listened to her, and you should too. It helped me to keep my emotion in balance and keep up the energy to look after myself and my baby.

Take advantage of any moment you can to rest. If you have trouble falling asleep, simply rest by keeping your eyes closed. Remember, your baby needs your energy.


Always ask and accept help. Ask daddy to help you look after the baby for a few hours while you make time for yourself. This also gives daddy some needed one-on-one time with the baby. Pamper yourself by putting on a nourishing face mask, have a long bubble bath, watch a movie or going out for tea with friends. Do whatever that can help you to unwind.


Start your day by wearing your favourite outfit or a bit of natural make-up and you will feel polished and ready to take on the day. Having your hair done will also lift your mood instantly. Do your favourite things like reading a book or going for a shopping spree.


Your breast and hip sizes have changed, and so you have to stop wearing your old lingerie. A correctly fitted bra can boost your mood and help you get the most out of your favourite outfit. Go to a reputable lingerie boutique, such as Triumph @ Thomson Plaza to get fitted professionally. Ask for Triumph’s Support Bra to help prevent breast sagging and Triumph’s Shape Sensation Shapewear to help you tuck all your unwanted fats away, while giving you your dream silhouette.

Lastly and most importantly…


Focus on the positives. Be a problem solver and not a blamer. If baby is crying after a feed, do not start thinking that your breastmilk is not enough. Instead, start to check for wet diaper or any discomfort due to clothing, or your baby simply need to be soothed to sleep. Do not frown. Always keep a smile when listening to advices from your family and friends. They are not trying to meddle with your method of baby care, but they are just sharing their valuable experiences with you.

Your body maybe still full of lumps, bumps and stretches, but always keep a positive mind. Everyday look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. That’s why you can give birth to such a beautiful baby! Look at the beauty you have created rather than the beauty you think you have lost.

Keep your confidence high and always focus on the positives. Your baby depends on it!




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June Lin is the founder of Juneberries Haven. She loves to write and her childhood dream was to be a journalist. She writes blogs now to share her own experiences, as well as that of others to help solve some of the problems, which her audience maybe facing.